DMI Webinar "Quantifying the unquantifiable: NLP for measuring social phenomena"

Image of DMI Webinar "Quantifying the unquantifiable: NLP for measuring social phenomena"
Zoom Meeting

"Quantifying the unquantifiable: NLP for measuring social phenomena"

12 April 2021, 12:30-13:30 CET


We are increasingly using computational text analysis to explore social science questions. A common and crucial step, then, is measuring social phenomena using computational methods. In this talk, I will explore what Natural Language Processing (NLP) has to offer for quantifying rich and complex social phenomena as well as potential risks. Finally, I will reflect on the recent shift to a greater focus on explanation, robustness and data in NLP, and how the goals and interests of the NLP community are now perhaps becoming better aligned with computational social science--making this a promising time to strengthen interdisciplinary connections.


Dong Nguyen is an assistant professor at the department of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University (NL). Previously she was a research fellow at the Alan Turing Institute (UK). She holds a PhD from the University of Twente (NL) and a master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University (USA). She is interested in developing NLP methods to explore social science questions. At Utrecht she leads the NLP and Society Lab.

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