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The Unit covers various research interests, such as:

  • Deep Learning per Natural Language Processing - NLP (Hovy, Fornaciari)
  • SOCial Media INTelligence - SOCMINT (Hovy, Fornaciari)
  • Deception Detection (Fornaciari)
  • Market positioning (Hong)
  • Decision making (Hong)
  • Visual Marketing (Estes)
  • Social Media Marketing (Colicev)
  • Marketing and financial interface (Colicev)


Here are the grants we are currently working on:

  • “INTEGRATOR: Incorporating Demographic Factors into Natural Language Processing Models”. ERC Starting Grant. 2020-2025 (Dirk Hovy)
  • “MONICA: MONItoring Coverage, Attitudes and Accessibility of Italian measures in response to COVID-19”. Fondazione Cariplo Grant. 2022-2023 (Debora Nozza, Dirk Hovy)
  • "Twitter Healthy Conversations". Twitter. 2019-2021 (Dirk Hovy)
  • "Mixed methods for analysing political parties’ promises". Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. 2020-2022 (Dirk Hovy, Tommaso Fornaciari)